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DIVE Programs


The purpose of our Dive Team is to promote the sport of Diving and for all participants to have fun! The program is structured to meet the needs of all level of divers from novice to experienced however, no experience is necessary. All interested divers are wanted and welcomed. Dive is a great way to help a child, boys and girls, gain confidence and have fun!


Interested and not sure you want to join the Dive Team?  Try it out for just the cost of insurance. Obtain your AAU insurance (as listed below) for $14 and try diving for 2 – 3 days. If you like it, sign up for the team and your insurance remains valid.


Cost to Enroll: $125 plus $14 for insurance for each child. To register for the Dive team please click here

In order to join the Dive Team you must also register your child with the AAU Diving Association. To register your child with AAU Diving, please follow these instructions:

1. Log on to

2. Click on “Join AAU”

3. Click “Register Now” under athletes

(You can log in if you already have an account, register a new account, or choose the guest users.)


4. For programs, select “Youth Athlete”

5. Select Sport “Diving”

6. Select the Membership Term/Category – “Current Membership Year or 2 or 3-year terms”

7. For Club Code – enter WYTBTF

8. Enter your child’s information.


(There is a Terms and Conditions – Digital Signature – click and accept and enter the name of the person that is applying for membership or a parentally approved representative for youth applicants.)

9. Continue to Checkout

10.Enter Billing Information and submit the registration



Print out your “printer-friendly” receipt.  The AAU membership card will be on the third page.  Please print 2 copies of the membership card. Keep one for yourself and the other for your swim club’s diving representative. Your child MAY NOT DIVE UNTIL THE INSURANCE CARD IS HANDED TO THE CLUB REPRESENTATIVE OR COACH.



AGE GROUP:           

1- 18                                 
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Meet our Dive Team Coaches:

Dive Team Head Coach:

Name: Kelsey Waddington



SJ Dive Association Rep:

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