August Membership

We offer an August membership which is priced at $500.00 (plus 6.625% sales tax) for any size family which includes one half of the non-refundable Initiation Fee payment. Regular member pricing would begin for the following season.

Baby-Sitter / House Guest

Tavistock Hills Swim Club rules and regulations prohibit members from baby-sitting non-member children. Provisions may be made for out-of-town house guests and non-member baby-sitters at the cost of $100 (plus 6.625% NJ sales tax) per summer. Please submit the Babysitter/House Guest Information and fee along with your application

Daily Guest Fees

Members of Tavistock Hills Swim Club may bring guests to the pool for a daily guest fee. Check with the front desk personnel for details. Guest fees are $5.00 per weekday per person and $10.00 per person on weekend days and holidays. There is a limit of six visits per season that a daily guest may come to the pool.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Tavistock Hills Swim Club.  Becoming a member is easy,  Click Here to register for the 2021 swim season and pay your membership dues online.

Membership Initiation Fee

There’s a small $500 non-refundable initiation fee (spread out over the first two years of membership) that is used to help maintain the integrity and infrastructure of the club.

Membership Dues

Pool membership dues are paid every spring and are due 30 days prior to the opening of the pool season. The basic structure of our dues is as follows:

A family fee of $440 plus $50 per person (no charge for children under two years of age as of the opening day of the pool).

Individual adult memberships are available for a fee of $235 per person. Discounted memberships for seniors are available for a fee of $125 per person.

Please note that the State of New Jersey requires that we add a 6.625% sales tax to these fees.