opening May 29, 2021

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Tel: 856-547-9722
Address: 1400 Warwick Road Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Tavistock Hills Swim Club is a family-oriented club where long-lasting memories begin! Tavistock offers daily swim team sessions, swimming lessons, fenced-in baby pool and sandbox play area, full-service restaurant, tennis programs, and a variety of community-spirited activities during the course of the summer season.  A great place to enjoy the summer, make new friends, and reconnect with your neighbors. If you’re looking for a unique place for your kids to have a ton of healthy fun, laugh more, play more, and have the ability to relax yourself, Tavistock is the place. Tavistock Hills Swim Club is a social organization owned by the members and run by an elected Board of Trustees. The mission of Tavistock Hills Swim Club is to operate a swimming pool, recreational, and educational facilities of all kinds, promote family activities and socialization of the membership.

Our Programs

Tavistock Hills has become a tremendous success story—thanks to helping families and individuals share in a lot of good, clean fun. Bob Querubin, Haddonfield Team Coach, will be back to lead the 150+ strong swimming team to success and just as importantly help create a lot of camaraderie and new friendships among all the kids on the team. The snack bar just keeps getting better too—with even more healthy, family-friendly items slated for this season. Kids’ socials and sports make it a great place to get outside, get some exercise—and enjoy tetherball, ping pong, shuffleboard, volleyball, basketball, tennis and more. And, we’ve got a great, gated toddler’s pool and play area—and a Learn-to-Swim program that lets moms (and dads) relax. Give your family a great summer—and see what everyone’s talking about.Tavistock. The most fun you and your family can have this summer with the benefits of staying close to home.

Melissa Flem

 “We love Tavistock and so happy they made it happen to be open so we can all have a fun summer with friends at our happy place!!”

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